John Berger drawing on the beach
Marisa Camino       John Berger

December 2005

A book launch for Berger On Drawing will take place at the Vangard Gallery, Carey’s Lane, Cork, Ireland in December 2005.

The book launch will coincide with the opening of an exhibition of drawings by John Berger and the Spanish artist Marisa Camino. The exhibition forms part of a project that was initiated with John by Jim Savage and offered to Cork 2005 for the city’s year as European Capital of Culture. It will show some of the (until now unknown) collaborative drawings that John Berger and Marisa Camino have been producing together for more than twelve years.

Their collaboration has been a collaboration at a distance. It takes place without words and mostly by post. A beginning to a drawing is made by one of them and sent to the other. On receiving it, the other is free to respond to its beginnings by taking it further - free to add, to amend, erase, break up and reorganize, draw over - do whatever seems appropriate in response to the 'message' of that initial fragment.


Each allows the other total freedom. A drawing may go back and forth several times until one or other decides that it is 'finished'.

The drawings were made in a kind of privacy - with no intention, initially, of exhibiting them. They became elements of a correspondence that evolved its own particular intimacy, which gave the drawings' creators a very special kind of contact - in some ways the drawings embody a conversation, but a conversation not made through words.

Neither of the two artists working on their own could have produced any of these images - they could only come into existence through this creative collusion of minds and sensibilities which, not only creates each new work but, in a sense, creates another creator - a third artist.

When these drawings are exhibited in Cork it will be the first time that they have been shown in public.

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you can preview some ofthe collecborations in the exhibition

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