Berger on Drawing cover

Being There: An introduction to the work of Joe Wilson
edited by Jim Savage

60 pp illustrated monograph with texts by Aidan Dunne, Seamus Heaney and James O’Nolan. Also includes an extensive interview with Joe Wilson by David Lilburn

Being There offers a number of perspectives on the work of the English born artist Joe Wilson. It covers his early interest in systems and archaeology in the 60s and 70s, his subsequent preoccupation with recording ‘place’, as exemplified in his photographic studies of allotments in Manchester and Tom Brouder’s Farm in County Limerick in the 80s - and subsequently explores

his engagement with landscape through drawing and painting throughout the 90s up to the present (including his most recent drawings and ‘constructed’ paintings). Withmore than 90 illustrations Being There offers a fascinating introduction to the wide-ranging practice of this highly idiosyncratic artist.